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Ans.Yes, with our effective Wazifa you can get your love back soon.

  1. first of all, Do a shower before starting.
  2. Recite Durood Sharif 11 times in starting.
  3. Then recite the ayat mentioned below fifteen times with Surah Fatiha.
  4. After that again, recite Durood Sharif eleven times.
  5. In the end, blow on any sweet and give that food to that person whom you want to fall in love with you. click now

The dua for love and attraction is given below:
  1. Recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times.
  2. Recite Surah Ikhlas 101 times.
  3. Recite “Ya wadoodo” 303 times.
  4. Recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times.
  5. Pray and plead to Allah talah to make your lover love you madly and get attracted towards you. click now

  1. Perform obligatory ablution. ...
  2. Perform two raka'at salat.
  3. Recite durood and raise your hands in dua.
  4. Recite names of Allah, Ya Wadoodo is an effective name to recite for you. ...
  5. Now ask Allah to “Give me ease. ...
  6. Imagine your lady love praying with you. ...
  7. Make sure you know that. click now

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