I was so disappointed because my lover left me. Because he was influenced by someone. First, I didn’t know what’s happening with me. But when I called Molana Abdullah Khadim Ji, they gave me solution, and he done some amal for me to get love back in my life. After sometime my love was in my life. Now I am happy with boyfriend.

I was facing lots of problems after marriage. My wife did not love me. She didn’t give respect to me as well as don’t care my family. She also wanted divorce. But i didn’t want divorce. So I called divorce problem solution baba ji. I told them my problem. Then he told me don’t worry, your wife will be good with you. They helped me, to make my wife good. Now, I am living happily with my wife. We love each other. Now she is respecting me and my family. Now she take cares of us.

My friend married to someone girl. I love him so much but he was influenced by someone else and married her. I knew, she just wanted to trap my friend. I loved my friend so much. So I decided to protect my friend from that girl. Therefore, I consulted here from a great wazifa expert to get an effective Wazifa to break marriage. Thanks to him, their Wazifa worked and my friend came out from her trap.Now we have married and living happily.

I am here because I want to get rid of my wife. She love someone else. She was forced to get married to me. I don’t like her because she never gives respect to my parents and many times she embarrasses me among my relatives, friend and family members. I wanted to get divorce from her soon. Suddenly I discussed my problem with my friend. Than he told me about Abdullah Khadim Ji. He told me they will solve your problem. Than i called Saroor Ji, they helped me to get rid of my wife. After few time we got divorced. Thanks saroor ji for solving my problem.